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Presskit : http://antonin-adeline.com/herberus-presskit.html

Herberus is a cooperative Action / Adventure game playable by 4 for players in local. Left on an unknown and hostile planet, a group of explorers has to combine their abilities and understand the world to overcome obstacles and enemies on their way.

Experience is based on cooperation, discovery of an unknown environment and communication.

Together, explore the world of Herberus and cooperate to progress through its environment.

Look after your partners and communicate to transform your group into a veteran squad !

Choose between three versatile weapons :

- the offensive rifle
- the defensive medigun
- the tactical force field
and switch at any time to always adapt your team to every situation !

Explore various environments and discover mystical secrets...

But more importantly  : communicate and cooperate to survive !

Gameplay trailer

In details :

In Herberus, players have to use different weapons to progress through the environment, creating roles similar to a marksman, a trickster or a support.

Explorers can directly interact with each other to overcome obstacles and progress, such as pulling up someone who fell from a cliff, and have to use their weapons to interact with the environment.

They can also combine their strengths to manipulate huge objects, changing their controls and offering new possibilities but requiring a good coordination and communication !

During their exploration, players will encounter ruins from an ancient civilization that may be reactivated. By doing so, explorers can be upgraded and unlock new skills and abilities, allowing them to specialize themselves and to enjoy better the different play-styles.

We have developed the game as our graduation project through a iterative process between Agile and Waterfall methods with a team of 8 people during 9 months. 

The prototype lasts for around 1 hour and offers to the players the possibility to explore 3 various environments with many different challenges and secrets... It has been very well appreciated by our jury of professionals but also by dozen of other players !

The team

Game Design

  • Antonin ADELINE - Game / UX Designer / Producer
  • Marc BONTE - Technical Game Designer / Level Designer
  • Elie BUGLIONE - Lead Game Designer / Sound Designer

Game Art

Game Programming

  • Thomas DUBRULLE - System / AI Programmer
  • William PATRUNO - Gameplay / Tools Programmer

Music : Clovis Schneider


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yeah co-op games

(1 edit)

Hi, sadly it's not possible to play at less than 4 people for now. We took this harsh decision with this thought in mind as we wanted to focus on the "optimal way" to play Herberus rather than on its accessibility.

There are a few tricks that allow you to complete some parts of the game at 2 or 3 if you're really well organised but you probably won't be able to leave the menu scene that easily. All the characters need to be in a elevator to leave it (we might update this during the next days).

Grab a few friends and go ! :) 

(Herberus is compatible with dualshocks as well) 

Can this be played with fewer than four people? 1-3?